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Soderlund Minnesota Genealogy  
The Soderlund Family History and Genealogy;

The Soderlund Family immigrated to the United States in October 1892 from Fanbyn, Medelpad, Sweden.  Fanbyn is a small town next to Stoda.  This site has a very brief account of the Soderlund history and genealogy.

Pictured to the left is Melvin and Pearl Soderlund

Soderlund Family

The Soderlund geneology begins with Nils Olofsson who was the father of Pal Nilsson

Pal Nilsson - [M] B: 1687      Stavnas, Skofterud, Sweden D: BET. 1773 - 1774      Stavnas, Skofterud, Sweden was the father of Mans Palsson.

Mans Palsson- [M] B: 18 JUL 1722   was the father of Erik Mansson .

Erik Mansson was born 29 July 1755 in Sweden and was the father of Magnus Ersson.

Magnus Ersson was born 3 Feb 1795 in Varrmland Sweden and was the father of Nils Magnus Soderlund.

Nils Magnus Soderlund born June 23rd, 1828 in Varmland Sweden was the father of Magnus Nils SoderlundMagnus' son was Nils Magnusson Soderlund, born in Varmland. (He was the first to use the name Soderlund.)

Magnus Nils Soderlund came to the United States with with his children.  When they first came to America, they used the surname Nelson because they thought it was easier for English speakers to pronounce.  The owner of the lumber company in Michigan where Magnus worked told him not to do that and so they started to use Soderlund again then, spelled without the Swedish "o"

The Children were: Nils Magnus "Anton" Soderlund, Lina Soderlund and others.

Nils Magnus "Anton" Soderlund married Emma Barbro Berglund.

They had 3 children, Melvin Erik Soderlund, Clara "Lala" Soderlund and Clarence "Clary" Soderlund.





Clary, Lala, Emma and Melvin at Emma's 88th birthday party